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The punk rock era of the late 70's and early 80's was a unique and exciting time.  Music was breaking through with siouxsmallan edge that scared the hell out of almost everyone.  The small minority that got-it had the privilege of being part of something special.  Punk allowed you to express your individuality and creativity, and introduced powerful and diverse music that would change the scene forever.  The sounds and attitude that shocked the majority then hung on to influence the bands of later years.  The "alternative" music genre that is mainstream today has its roots firmly in the punk era of twenty years ago. 

pistolsbadgeThe Punk Imperative site is a retrospective look at the punk era.  I have listed the bands and albums that I feel best define the music scene of the time.  The Imperative lists are my suggestions for the CD's you can pick up to best experience the music of the punk era.

I have categorized the bands into four loose categories.        

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Siouxsie. Photo Credit  Gothic Lynx.  Click image for big view.

  • devo1Punk - The bands that broke through from 1976 - 1980 with the edge and diversity that defined punk.
  • New Wave - The bands that were more dance and club oriented, or the groups that just didn't really take themselves too seriously.
  • Pre Punk - These were the bands that were way ahead of their time, and were an important influence on all the groups that broke through in the punk era.grayblkflag
  • Post Punk -  The bands that carried on after the first wave, and the groups that diverged into different musical genres, including hardcore and industrial.

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