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Now for something completely different.  Some bands can not be categorized.  They are completely unique and different from the crowd.

crampslogoThe Cramps were one of those bands.  With Lux Interior on vocals and Poison Ivy on guitar, this band started out during the original punk era.  However, their major work was released in the 80's.  The Cramps have an ultra raunchy rockabilly sound sometimes referred to as psychobilly.  "Badivydevil Music For Bad People" (84) was an awesome album produced by Alex Chilton.  "Goo Goo Muck", "Drug Train", "Human Fly", and "Garbage Man" are tracks that must be heard.     

The Misfits also originated during the original punk era.  They had a ghoulish  punk/hardcore style influenced by bad horror movies.  "Walk Among Us" (82) was their first LP, and included the tracks "Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?" and "Astro Zombies".  I have a 45 they released which contains one of the best songs ever, "London Dungeon".  Glen Danzig went on to form his own band. 

greenflipper1Flipper was an obscure San Francisco band with a very quirky sound.  The generic Flipper album titled "Album" had strange, disjointed tracks like "Life" and "Sex Bomb".

There were a few other bands from the post punk era that defy description.  The Butthole Surfers were one that found some commercial success in the 1990's.


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